• Up to 1% hourly
    Min: 1.00 USD
    Max: 10 000.00 USD
    Payments: Hourly
    Principal Included
  • Up to 200%
    After 1 day
    Min: 1.00 USD
    Max: 10 000.00 USD
    Payments: After plan
    Principal Included
  • Up to 550%
    After 3 days
    Min: 1.00 USD
    Max: 10 000.00 USD
    Payments: After plan
    Principal Included
  • Up to 6000%
    After 12 days
    Min: 100.00 USD
    Max: 1 000.00 USD
    Payments: After plan
    Principal Included
  • Up to 18% hourly
    for 13 hours
    Min: 1.00 USD
    Max: 10 000.00 USD
    Payments: Hourly
    Principal Included
  • [LIMITED] 2300%
    After 2 days
    Min: 150.00 USD
    Max: 500.00 USD
    Payments: After plan
    Principal Included


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   About the Company
The company Coinking (Coinking LTD) makes investments in the Oil and Stocks trading market. Our team consists of experienced specialists who not only make qualified market analysis, but also provide high results in getting good profits. We monitor market daily and with the help of that diminish the risks to about zero level when working on the crude oil trading market.
What we will do for you!
While it is a newly incorporated financial management company, members of Coinking LTD team have over the years being actively committed to make better the lives of people through guided prudent financial decisions. As your financial professionals, Coinking LTD is eager to do everything in its power to keep you focused on your goals, advise and guide you on how to get there, and always challenge you to maintain a disciplined approach to the pursuit of your dreams.
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By investing in Coinking investment Limited you will get excellent referral commissions. For direct referrals you will get 6% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. Anyone registered on our site can start benefiting immediately from participating in our fantastic referral program by referring others
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